Ask President Trump and Sec. Perdue to Withdraw This Bad Regulation!

The so-called Farmer Fair Practices Act, also known as the GIPSA rule – for USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyard Administration – is government overreach at its worst. It will restrict how farmers can sell and meat packers can buy livestock and poultry, leading to less competition and increasing the price of your steak, chicken and bacon!

President Trump and USDA Sec. Perdue need to hear from you now that this unnecessary, costly Obama-era federal regulation – specifically the GIPSA Interim Final Rule – must be withdrawn. Take action and show President Trump and Sec. Perdue they have your support in this fight. 

  • GIPSA Rule will cost the U.S. pork industry $420 million annually, according to an Informa Economics study.
  • GIPSA Rule will cost the U.S. beef industry more than $935 million annually, according to the same study.

The Threats


Freedom to Farm is a national campaign of U.S. consumers, farmers, policymakers, and agriculture groups fighting for policies that increase U.S. food production and jobs and against ones that place costly, unnecessary restrictions on U.S. producers. The campaign’s tens of thousands of supporters across the nation advocate against illegitimate and unnecessary public policies, like the GIPSA Rule, that increase the cost of producing food and potentially put farmers out of business. And they advocate against the unreasonable agendas pushed by extreme animal and environmental activists, and their friends in government, aimed at damaging U.S. agriculture forever. Through outreach, education, and advocacy, Freedom to Farm is about protecting and promoting the interests of the many hard-working farming families in the U.S. who produce the food the world consumes. 

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